4 myths about dental implants busted

Getting prosthetic teeth may seem like a challenging and scary process. But with the new advancements in science and technology, it is now an easy and efficient process. Some people may have incorrect information or assumptions about dental implants and hence avoid getting one. But these assumptions may be wrong.

Here is a list of 4 myths about dental implants

Dental implants require lot of care and special attention
One assumption is that implants need a lot of extra treatments and different products for their proper maintenance. However, there is no particular requirement for any additional product. A person with implants has to follow a normal tooth care routine with the same products used earlier or simple new ones depending on each individual’s requirement.

Teeth implants look artificial
Dental caps are made out of porcelain. These implants appear normal, and it is not easy to distinguish them from real teeth. You may not even realize someone has false teeth unless told about it. Implants are designed to look natural.

Dental implants are too expensive
Compared to dentures and bridges, the average cost of dental implants may seem higher. However, the dental implant cost has to be paid only once because they are a long-term solution. Some dental insurance plans also cover the cost of implants and the treatment. But before getting implants, it is advisable to compare the dental implant prices at different places.

The procedure is painful
The procedure for teeth implants is not painful. The patient is first given anesthesia to numb the senses. In fact, many surgeons may offer anxiety relaxation dental sedation as well. The procedure is critical, and you may feel discomfort. But due to anesthesia, there is no pain.

Teeth implants are not safe
Procedure for teeth implants is safe, and so are the prosthetics. The implants are made out of materials, which easily adapt to our body without causing any unwanted harm.

Under the supervision and guidance of an experienced dentist, you will not have to worry about anything going wrong even in the distant future.

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