4 tips to pick the best suitable estate planning lawyer

Estate planning requires you to be careful and meticulous while hiring an estate planning lawyer. After all, your property and estate are at stake. A good estate planning lawyer will ensure that there is a smooth transition in your will without any hassles caused to your family. To ensure this, you need to keep a few factors in mind. Here are a few useful tips to hire an estate planning lawyer.

The lawyer should have a legal malpractice insurance
A legal malpractice insurance indicates accountability. Having a legal malpractice insurance or a professional liability insurance is not mandatory across all states. However, if your estate planning lawyer has this insurance, you will be protected against any mistakes made by the lawyer or his associates working on your case. When you hire an estate planning lawyer who has a malpractice insurance, you and your heir will not be at the risk of losing anything.

The lawyer should have certifications and degrees from known law schools
The best lawyers come out from the best law schools. Law schools across the country are ranked according to a four-tier ranking system. When you are looking for estate planning lawyers, ask them from which law school did they get their law degree. Also, ask whether they have a specialization in wills and probate or trusts and estates.

The lawyer should be a member of a professional association
Ask whether your estate planning lawyer is a member of any professional associations, such as the National Association of Estate Planning Councils’ WealthCounsel. When your lawyer is a part of such an association, he is aware of all the latest developments and updates of estate planning. You will be assured that your lawyer has an extensive network that will be useful for your case.

The lawyer should give a clear disclosure of fees charged for services provided
Usually, lawyers do not clearly state the fees they will charge before they get to know the specifics of your case. However, you can ask them about an estimation of the fees they will charge. On the other hand, there are lawyers who straight out state a fixed fee, irrespective of the kind of case they have. Mostly, known as trust-mill law firms, be wary of such lawyers who may not be able to meet your or your family’s specific estate planning needs.

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