Area rugs – How you can clean them well

Area rugs are one of the must have decorative add-ons in your home furnishing. They help to add a splash of color to the room and draw attention. Depending on their pattern and design, rugs can help to bring the theme of the room together. If you are tired of dirty area rugs and are wondering about different ways to keep them clean, here’s what you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your favorite area rugs.

  • Vacuum
    Vacuuming the area rugs is essential to clean them clean and dirt-free. If you can turn the rug, make sure to vacuum both the front and back of the area rug. This helps to remove the dirt and grit and helps to prolong the usage of the area rugs. You should avoid vacuuming the frill of the rug, if it has one, as it could get damaged.
  • Brushing
    If there are animals or pets where area rugs are being used, just vacuuming or beating the dust out from the rugs might not be enough. Pet hair on the rugs is sometimes quite difficult to remove. In this case, a firm brush with stiff bristles should be used to remove the hair. The brush strokes should be moved uniformly in one direction for it to be effective. Brushing with smooth and gentle strokes will effectively remove the animal hair from your area rugs.
  • Turn these regularly
    Regular usage and constant exposure to dirt can make the area rugs look dull. The patterns, designs, and colors too could fade with time. In order to make area rugs durable and long lasting, it is important to turn them at least once in six months.In case you are looking to clean your area rugs, do not forget to keep these handy tips close. It is important to maintain area rugs to keep the dirt away. Here’s to long lasting area rugs!

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