Buyer’s guide to closing a good deal for used cars

Buyers like to have a good performance and stably used the car when paying a reasonable sum for it and do not like to take what is just offered or be blindsided by flashy offers. To ensure that you’re getting the best deal here is a five pointer checklist that might come in handy to be aware of dealer ethics.

  • Don’t get fooled by words. The salesperson tends to throw in big words or mechanical jargons that will leave you dazzled, but always read between the lines and ask questions to ensure that you are getting the best.
  • Look how far the sales rep sways with the price. All dealers price their cars at higher rates than the actual price and therefore when negotiating they make it look like the buyer sealed the deal while all along they were just playing you to get to that price.
  • While making you look at the better and higher priced deals for the sake of impressing you, they are also trying to make you catch the bait for meeting their sales target. And to convince you that the price would be feasible with the loan they may offer you a loan that looks flashy but has hidden costs and also interest rates that are exuberant when signed long term. You would end up paying more if you do not scrutinize the loan plan suggested by the financial consultant.
  • Check the market price before going for a trade-in with the dealer because they may low-ball your offer if you’re just selling the first time and completely unaware of the current market trends. Researching a little will help you to spend less when you trade in for another used car deals.
  • Don’t fall for the first deal, source the market and compare prices before going for the too good to be the true deal because, almost always, these deals have major glitches which are expertly hidden and only crop up after the initial replacement warranty expires.

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