Difference between high blood pressure and hypertension

Often a nonmedical person assumes both hypertension and high blood pressure to be the same. People in their day-to-day life refer high blood pressure as hypertension and vice versa. The two of them are indeed very similar. However, the story of these two terms in a medical way is opposite.

There is a clear difference between hypertension and high blood pressure in medical terms.

  • Hypertension is a health condition of the cardiovascular system that is often constant, whereas, high blood pressure is just one of the common hypertension symptoms and not a condition. It is used to describe the elevated blood pressure in the human body.
  • Hypertension is further classified as primary (essential) and secondary (non-essential) hypertension. The essential one is not easily identified, whereas the other one can be identified easily.
  • Hypertension is present in most of the people and is a major cause for serious health issues like heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, and heart failure, among other diseases.
  • High blood pressure is one among many hypertension symptoms and can be due to several factors like fats or cholesterol compilation along the blood vessels, the presence of disease, or weakening of blood vessel flexibility. Fat compilation blocks the passageway of blood and as a result, the blood vessel contracts. This increases the pressure of the passing blood.
  • In hypertension, renal and endocrine disorders frequently cause a sudden shift of BP due to hormonal irregularity. For example, pregnancy can persuade high blood pressure, i.e., hypertension symptoms in women and their health are at more risk at the time of delivery.
  • High blood pressure stays for a prolonged period, and this causes danger to the affected individual’s health. High blood pressure is one of the hypertension symptoms if it stays for longer time. Hypertension can also be hereditary. However, it is not always hypertension, if you suffer from high blood pressure at some point in your life.
  • Keep exercising and engage in activities to keep your heart strong and mind relaxed to avoid hypertension and high blood pressure. Also get yourself checked regularly by your trusted doctor to avoid falling into any of these categories.

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