Exploring the most eye-catching features of the Google Pixel

Google Pixel, the latest of Google’s collection, is turning heads and for all the right reasons. Unleash the power of Google at your fingertips by exploring the coolest features of the Google Pixel.

Understanding Pixel like never before

The Pixel has lots of surprises for a new user, which are not found in other smartphones. Let’s explore its new and exciting features.

Virtual World

All users of Pixel know about VR daydream. It is a virtual reality platform consisting of a head accessory, which lets you insert the phone and see it turn in to a full-fledged virtual reality headset.


The pixel can boast of the best camera in recent smartphones. The rear camera has a 12.3 MP lens and is the highest rated camera phone among its peers. Any low-light photo is beautifully captured by Pixel’s camera. Pixel is blessed with the HDR+ feature that captures any image with minimal or bad lighting to perfection. Photos are captured within a second.

Cloud Storage

Tired of your phone displaying a “memory full” alert every time you record a video or take a photo? This won’t happen on the Pixel. Google Pixel has an amazing cloud storage that backs up your photos and videos to the unlimited cloud storage. Next time you shoot a video or take a photo, remember, Google has your back.

Virtual Assistant

While most smartphones have robotized assistants that will complete the task within certain programmed limits, Pixel excels here. The virtual assistant is more than an assistant. Ask it to make dinner reservations or call someone from your phone, you name a task, and it does it!


Pixel scored where Apple failed. Apple was criticized for not keeping headphone jacks. Well, Google just kept the headphone jacks where they belong! So plug in and keep that music running!

The possibilities are infinite if you set out to explore Google Pixel. Sure, Pixel does not disappoint with its killer battery life. So ditch your old phone and switch to the Pixel.

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