Five natural ways to get rid of chronic dry eye

Tears provide the necessary lubrication and moisture to the eyes for maintaining the health of the organ. But sometimes people fail to have the right amount or quality of tears and end up developing light sensitivity and experiencing a sandy and stinging feeling all the time. This particular condition is generally caused by chronic dry eye disease. Below are some of the easiest ways of getting rid of chronic dry eye.

Wash the eyelids frequently
One of the best ways to get rid of the burning that chronic dry eye causes is washing the eyelids frequently every day. People having dry eyes generally end up rubbing their eyes constantly, which often leads to redness and inflammation. A splash of water relieves the discomfort and ensures eye hygiene.

Use warm compresses daily
Placing a warm compress on the eyes can save one from suffering the unbearable itching or burning sensation of chronic dry eye. This practice proves to be extremely helpful when even eye drops fail to tackle the issue.

Take a break from technology
Staring at the computer or laptop screens for a long time often leads to dry itchy eyes. However, taking frequent breaks or looking away from the screens after every 20 minutes can help in reducing issues caused by this disease.

Try regular blinking exercise
According to doctors, performing blinking exercise at least 4 times in every hour regularly can prove to be extremely helpful in preventing the uneasiness of the eye that chronic dry eye causes. Frequent blinking may help in re-moistening the dry and itching eyes easily.

Include Omega-3 rich foods in your diet
Including higher amounts of the Omega-3 fatty acids in the daily diet is a good way of treating this eye syndrome for those who don’t prefer drops. Omega-3s are not only known for their anti-inflammation properties, but they also help in stimulating the tear production as well as the increasing the quality of tears.

Both environmental, as well as medical factors can be responsible as for causing dry eyes. But once diagnosed, opting for the right treatment solutions can help you in getting rid of this dry eye syndrome quickly.

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