Here’s what you need to know about cold nasal congestion relief

Cold and flu are two terms so commonly that they actually seem to be synonymous to one another. The truth is that we cannot really distinguish the two. The malapropism can be forgiven as the two conditions are extremely similar. However, they are distinct and have differences to identify. Cold tends to creep on insidiously. Cold starts with a scratchy throat and a little congestion. The onset of flu, on the other hand, is more violent and sudden. One wakes up with severe body pain and severe tiredness. Viruses and antibiotics cause both, however, they may also not affect either. Flu can be avoided or its severity van be reduced considerably by taking a timely flu shot. Another condition often mistaken with cold is sinusitis. The main difference with sinusitis is the sense of pressure over the eye brows and on the sides of the nose, a worsening head ache more intense fever, severe fatigue and thick yellow or green mucus.

In viral sinusitis antibiotics have no role. It comes down to maintaining conditions congenial for the body to fight its war. In both cold and sinusitis congestion is common and breathing through the nose is severely impeded. The age-old home remedies are the best solutions that provide long term cold nasal congestion relief. It will be in the fitness of things that these are recapitulated. Here area few congestion remedies that provide instant cold nasal congestion relief.

Keep yourself hydrated
Drink plenty of fluids, warm the better. The adages “stuff a cold and starve a fever” seems to have some scientific basis. It provides the badly needed protein and large amount of fluid to the ailing body. Fluids also tend to weaken congestions.

Try steam for cold nasal congestion relief
Steam inhalations help to loosen the congestion and blow the nose gently to drain. Too much pressure would likely drive the infection into the ears. One may use a few drops of eucalyptus oil, or a few grains of menthol to good effect.

Use sprays
Saline spray or rinse is also effective for instant relief. Mix 3 tsp of iodide free salt and 1 tsp of baking soda. Dissolve 1tsp in 8 oz of luke warm boiled water and irrigate the nose.

All said, any congestion that lasts more than a week to ten days with a fever of 101.50 F and worsening with time demands medical attention.

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