How to patch an Intex pool Liner

Intex pool liners are above-ground level pools. Often sharp objects and gradual wear can eventually cause leaks to spoil your bathing experience in the Intex pool liners. DIY swimming pool patching is a fast and simple way to repair your pool liners. A patching kit for Intex comprises the most important swimming pool supplies required for a leak repair. Things like a pair of scissors, a cotton swab, a permanent marker, and an air pump are additional supplies that might be required to fix the problem in the Intex pool liner.

Inflatable ring patching
Easy Set model for Intex pool liners, there is an inflatable ring that holds the shape of the swimming pool. It may deflate due to being torn or pierced. Using an air pump to inflate the ring fully helps the leak becomes evident. Highlight this spot with the help of a permanent marker. Cut out a circular patch at least one inch excess of the area of your leak from the sheets of clear material provided in the patching kit. Use a small amount of adhesive to apply on the patch and the area around the hole. Wait for 10 minutes so that the adhesive gets time to settle. Place the patch over the hole. Smoothen the patch firmly from the center to the edges, making sure there are no air bubbles.

Patching above and below water line
Cut out two circular patches from the patterned material provided in the patching kit. Let the size of the patches be so that at least 1/2 inch of material overlaps the hole in the pool wall. Dab adhesive on each patch and each side of the pool. Wait for 10 minutes before placing a patch on each side of the pool wall, smoothening each patch from center to edge. In case the hole is below water, drop a small amount of adhesive onto the patch, folding it in half over the adhesive and wait for 10 minutes. Unfold the submerged patch once it is near to hole. Place the repaired patch over the hole and smoothen it out.

So the next time you need to patch your Intex pool liners, this piece of information should come in handy.

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