Popular resume sample styles to pick from

Drafting a resume that makes a lasting impression is a task that requires research that is not only adequate but also relevant. While every individual’s resume needs to be unique, it is also important that certain resume writing essentials are retained while doing so.

Resume samples are effective templates that can prompt job seekers across departments and different hierarchies to create resumes that can make a statement. Several sites these days provide resume samples that can provide useful guidelines for professionals seeking new jobs. What’s more? In addition to the profile and domain of the seeker, resume samples differ in the style that they were drafted. Check out some of the popular styles of resume samples that have been listed below.

Chronological resume sample
As the name suggests, chronological resumes give a complete run down of your work history. The events are listed in a fashion where your most recent job description and role features first, followed by the rest in reverse chronology. Such a resume may help experienced professionals who have a long and rich work history. A fresher venturing into the job seeking market should, therefore, avoid using such a format.

Functional resume sample
Such resume samples prompt people who have switched careers, have changed domains, or have gaps in their employment to create a resume that rightly focuses on their strengths rather than their employment history or the number of years they have worked. Functional resumes aim to exhibit a candidate’s relevant professional experience along with substantial information about their skills, abilities, education, and overall accomplishments.

Combination resume sample
Such a resume sample amalgamates the best features of a chronological and functional resume to draft a piece of writing that is lucid, is informative, and one that summarizes all important aspects of a candidate’s career. These resume samples usually benefit people with little hands-on and real-time job experience. Fresh applicants or interns can utilize such a sample to summarize their skills, highlight accomplishments, and list jobs and duties in a listicle style with appropriate action words for each category. A combination resume sample follows a pattern that includes a candidate’s work experience and skills at the top with relevant work history and employment experience towards the end.

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