The best 4K TVs of 2017

After some frantic progress in the electronic world, 4K TVs are finally here for good. If what you want is big screens and the best quality resolutions to feast your eyes on, you must check the ones mentioned in the list below. Smart TVs are in and they are here to stay.

Just because it’s a 4K TV doesn’t mean it will be the greatest and the best. There are a lot of variations in resolution, quality, and designs according to different brands. New brands are constantly entering the market with 4K TVs and this makes it difficult to select one.

Here is a list of some TVs to make it easier for you to decide and choose one from your home:

  • Samsung Q9F QLED

This Samsung TV is a great option for anyone looking out for a smart TV. It offers fantastic color levels and has a very bright screen. Samsung was the first brand to introduce HDR- compatible screens, it has still not found peace. The Q9F is an amazing example of it. The colors of this TV are vivid and exceptionally bright.

  • LG OLEDE7 Series

Gorgeously thin design that looks extremely classy and an impressive picture quality make this model a real sight. But, there are minor noise problems. And you will find some LED TVs that are much cheaper than this.

  • Panasonic EX750

This is quite simple and it’s not an OLED TV. This Panasonic EX750 has excellent black levels, but there is no Dolby vision to it. The adjustable stand is not that adjustable.

  • Sony XE93 Series

This Sony XE93 is a 4K TV worth considering as it has a bright HDR and rich color production. But, this TV lands up more in the premium range. This Sony XE93 is one of the better sounding TVs out there.

  • Sony Bravia X9300E

The Sony Bravia X9300E is among the best TVs. It has stunningly rich colors and really good sound quality. Its Slim Backlight Drive models have delivered some of the most striking pictures ever seen on TV in 2017.

So, if you need a new one with the latest features, pick from one of the above; they have been the best ones 2017 had to offer.

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