What are the job benefits offered to a FedEx package handler

Job benefits that a FedEx package handler can expect

The job of a package handler at FedEx is a challenging job. But FedEx jobs offer a lucrative set of employee benefits specially designed for packages handlers. So, whether it is health insurance or work-life balance, FedEx knows how to keep their employees happy and motivated. Here’s a breakup of FedEx’s benefits for package handlers that job aspirants must know about.

Healthcare benefits – After completing 1000 hours of jobs at FedEx, a package handler is qualified for various medical, vision and dental health care benefits. He/she has the liberty to pick any of these, not just for themselves but also for dependents like spouse or children. Cigna or Anthem Blue Cross designs and manages the Consumer Premier and Consumer Choice medical packages. The insurance provider Cigna handles dental services such as PPO and dental assistance. On the other hand, vision care programs are handled by Davis vision.
FedEx also has a People Help Program (Employee Assistance Program) which offers brief counseling for psychological issues and drug abuse. This initiative too is handled by Cigna.

Educational benefits – FedEx jobs for package handlers also offers a tuition reimbursement program which compensates the employees up to $1500 on an annual basis. One can secure eligibility for this after working for complete 60 days.

Time off benefits (paid) – For every 20 hours worked, a package handler receives 1 hour of time off (paid). They are allowed to utilize this benefit after finishing 90 days of service At FedEx. By the end of every financial year if the employee has a reserve of unused hours, then it will be rewarded in the form of money. A part-time package handler can earn up to 40 hours of time-off, whereas as a full-time employee can potentially make 80 hours of time-off every year.

Financial assistance – FedEx jobs for package handlers also offers them monetary support, if they happen to be facing any personal challenges related to child and adult care, fitness, transfer, adoption, legal issues, pregnancy, loans, pet care, etc.

Additional benefits – The FedEx package handlers are offered added benefits in the form of discounts for cellphone plans, holidays, restaurants, attractions, FedEx shipping, etc. They also have a unique salary payment method, where employees are remunerated every week. Apart from this, they also let the package handlers invest in stock purchase plans and offer MetLife’s vehicle, home, and critical illness insurance.

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