What to know before buying an elliptical machine

There are very few workout machines that work well for a full round of complete body fitness. An elliptical machine works as the best fitness training tool for people whose emphasis is on a low-impact cardio workout. That not only protects the joints and but also turns out to be a super active exercise trainer who doesn’t put much pressure on one’s joints.

What are the important factors before buying an elliptical machine?
The price of an elliptical machine ranges from $200 to $5000 depending upon the worth, the functioning and the brand. There are inexpensive models or discounts at the store. It is advisable to buy a branded model that would carry the warranty and would take higher quality inputs. Some of the popular brands for elliptical machines are Nautilus, Precor, ProForm, and Sole.

Listed below are the features that one should necessarily look for while buying an elliptical machine:
• For the average-sized people, the ideal stride length is around 14”, but for a taller person, 21” could the perfect stride length.
• If you could find the feature “adjustable incline”, then there’s nothing better than that. The adjustable incline mode will help you adjust the ramps, and it can even be advantageous to your workout.
• The pedals should move smoothly and without any bumps – a no jerk mode.
• Having arm handles (upper body option) allows for more options for intensity.• Having a broad range of resistance would make the best of the “adjustable resistance”.

Safety guidelines
The workout should be both efficient and safe, the elliptical machine should have possibilities of warm-up and cool-down periods, the balanced handrails that just don’t get off in the middle, and it should have a simple to read console. Having a heart rate monitor makes it more informative.
Having a maintenance free elliptical machine is the best way to keep your exercise workout smooth. So, the best thing to do would be to service the machine every 6 to 8 months (if the device is frequently used).If you’re able to preset programs by enabling the options, then creating your customized workout is an added, extra feature that your elliptical machine can offer!
The more features, the more does the machine cost! However, stay on track and buy only after analysing with different retailers, especially stores that specialise in fitness equipment.

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